Ready to start therapy?

I offer full length individual and couples counseling through a secure online platform to clients throughout California. Online therapy can provide the same benefits as in person therapy for most people, and often allows for more flexibility and comfort.

If you’re ready to start therapy and think online would be a good option for you, contact me for a free 15 phone consultation.

Online Therapy California

Not sure about doing therapy online?

While online therapy can a different experience, may people find that it fits their needs better. 

Can Online Therapy Work For Me?

Online Therapy & Privacy

I take privacy VERY seriously. My virtual office is a HIPAA compliant platform, which means that it has been set up to make sure that our time together is secure and accessible to only you.

It's Just Easier.

No commute.

No need to dress up.

No need to hire a babysitter.

Therapy with a person you can trust from the safety of your favorite spot at home (or anywhere else with internet) is a really solid option for many folks. Research also shows that teletherapy has been proven to be as effective as in person therapy for most people.

Finally, It's Almost Life Proof.

Even if you got held up at work, or are stuck at home for a 4 hour window waiting for the repair person- as long as you have your phone and a solid internet connection you can still have a session. Headed to the coast for a week but worried about missing an appointment? Don’t worry, you can still log on and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

If you think that you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and start working on your goals from the comfort of home, let’s chat!