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Individual Therapy

There are a variety of tools that you can use to manage stress & anxiety. I can help you learn those tools & apply them to your everyday life.


With specialized training in relationship therapy, I use couples counseling to provide effective tools and techniques that can help a partnership last.

Online Therapy

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You had amazing plans for your relationship and wanted to go through life knowing that the two of you were a team.

Fast forward through all the things since then -life, work, family, kids, stress, money. It’s all happened. And you kept trying to make things better until one day you realized it just wasn’t working. Ignoring the issues weren’t helping, fighting about the issues weren’t solving anything, and the date nights felt so forced that you’d honestly rather just be at home in your Pjs.

I know that even the most creative and motivated couple can feel like giving up when nothing that they have tried has worked. It’s exhausting. And frankly, you don’t even remember what it was like to be with your partner without fighting. Or avoiding each other.

You’re not ready to give up but you aren’t sure what, if anything at this point, can help. Trust me. I know you’re emotionally drained. I also know that you aren’t alone. I’ve worked with so many couples that were going through what you’re going through now. I know that no relationship is easy, but I also know that with the right tools and the desire to change relationships can make AMAZING transformations.

I work with clients on changing their conversation by helping them learn new tools together, healing old wounds, and supporting them in working towards the relationship they once dreamt of having. I know that taking the first step towards change can be scary as hell but the thought of staying in the relationship as it is now is even scarier. I’m here when you’re ready.

Let’s take a few minutes to chat and see if I’m the right person to support you and your partner right now. Just click the contact button and we can go from there.

Meet Yasmine

Hello, I’m Yasmine!
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist LMFT#94847

Sometimes, our lives can become a little too much for us to handle on our own. I believe that therapy can be a great way to learn how to navigate the rocky water that we experience in the relationship we have with ourselves and the ones we cultivate with others.

Quality therapy CAN be affordable.

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